Brakes Repairs in Wembley – HA0

Brakes Repairs in Wembley – HA0

Highview motors garage is a trusted and established car service centre, with many years of experience. We offer car services for all makes and models at competitive prices to ensure a safe and smooth drive. And one of the most important safety systems of the car is the braking system. Thus, we carry out diagnostics, servicing, replacements and brakes repairs in Wembley, so you would never find yourself stranded on the road! 

Do you know what happens if the brakes fail? You can turn out to be a danger to yourself and those around you. So, never overlook the significance of brake service and repair by reliable mechanics. You always need it to secure your vehicle and yourself!

Why do brakes fail?

  • Excessive use causes the hardening of brake pads. As a result, pads lose the ability to perform their job effectively, rendering it difficult to stop the car. 
  • Rotor disk plays a role in the production of friction, which is necessary to stop the car. Moreover, a damaged rotor disk also shortens the life of brake pads. 
  • Hydraulic fluid amplifies braking force. It transfers the force from the brake pedal and exerts it to stop the car. Therefore, anything wrong with the fluid can affect the functioning of brakes. Hydraulic fluid might leak from engine or brake lines, causing contamination. In addition to this, hydraulic fluid might lose the pressure. In any of these cases, you will see your brakes going wrong. 

Common signs that you need to get your brakes repaired 

  • Grinding or squealing sound from brakes 
  • Vibrations or wobbling when brakes are applied
  • Spongy or soft brakes
  • Fluid leakage 
  • Bouncing car that is hard to control 

Contact us for brakes repairs 

Our experienced technicians will check your brake pads, shoes and discs and advise of any parts which are unsafe. 

Visit our website to learn more about us. Checkout the service and contact details. Give us a call at 02082052121 if you are interested in our services or request a call back. Also, you may send in a query. We make sure to respond to queries promptly. Always make sure that brakes are in full working order. And, if you have any concerns, then it is advisable to have brakes service immediately. Drop by our garage for reliable brakes repairs in Wembley! 

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