MOT test in Edgware – HA9

MOT test in Edgware – HA9

MOT test confirms the road worthiness of a vehicle. Therefore, it holds a great importance as it saves life of the driver and those around him. So, lets check whether your car meets all safety and environmental standards. Do not look any further than Highview garage for MOT test in Edgware! Our garage is authorised and approved by DVSA and our technicians are expert at what they do!

MOT or car servcing?

Most of the people confuse MOT test with car servicing. However, both are quite different yet essential. MOT ensures that your car can run on the road, but it does not guarantee optimum fitness and condition. On the other hand, servicing contributes towards a long and heathy car life along with peak condition. In addition to this, MOT does not cover all car parts, whereas these parts are inspected during servicing. Do not miss out on either of them if you want your car to last longer!

What parts does the test cover?

MOT inspects the mechanical parts of the car and does not cover cluth, gearbox or engine.

  • Lights to check the visibility
  • Signalling parts as they are an important security feature
  • Suspension, tyres, brakes and wheels for a smooth and safe ride
  • Seat belts to ensure driver’s safety in case of a jerk or accident
  • Body structure to make sure that the vehicle’s body is intact and will not cause driver’s loss of control over vehicle
  • Exhaust system
  • Fuel emissions

MOT test in Edgware at Highview garage:

At Highview garage, we believe in evolving with the technology. Hence, we incorporate latest technology and equipment to deal with vehicles. We have the latest computer technology to provide accurate brake measurements, emission measurements and diagnostics.

Visit our website to learn more about us. Check out the service and contact details. Give us a call at 02082052121 if you are interested in our services or send in a query at our email address. Our MOT & servicing is highly competitive and starts from $130 only. Drop by our garage; we make sure to keep the procedure hassle-free for our customers. Feel free to relax in our Reception area whilst our experienced MOT testers check your vehicle or you can watch the MOT test taking place in our MOT viewing area in the workshop!

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