Timing Belt Replacement in Finchley, N3

Timing Belt Replacement in Finchley, N3

A timing belt looks like an ordinary leather belt with teeth. However, its job is not ordinary at all. Timing belt, as the name says, controls the synchronization and timing of the internal combustion engine. A disturbance in this synchronization may lead to a heavy damage. Therefore, do not ignore timing belt faults and get the best timing belt replacement in Finchley at Highview garage.

What can cause timing belt to fail?

  • Time: Timing belt is made of leather and with time it may wear out. Hence, maintenance and regular servicing will rule out any problem at initial stage.
  • Heat and friction: Timing belt may fail with miles, because the heat and friction inside the engine affect its quality.
  • Misalignment of shaft and pulley or damaged pulley
  • Excessive load

Signs that your timing belt needs replacement:

  • Ticking noise: A failing timing belt produces ticking noise. However, low oil pressure or insufficient amount of lubrication may also be the reason of such sound from the engine.
  • Misfire: Engine misfire occurs when the synchronization of shafts and cylinders is disturbed. It happens as the pulleys driving the camshaft and crankshaft weaken. Moreover, if you do not treat this on time, it can lead to heavy engine damage.
  • Oil leakage: There are a number of nuts and bolts that secure the timing belt cover, but they may get loose with the passage of time. Consequently, leading to the oil leak from timing belt cover.

Timing belt problems:

There are numerous timing belt problems and their probable causes. Some common faults are: broken timing belt, tooth shear and wear, hollowed or damaged teeth, edge wear, oil leakage, and noise.
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